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JUNE 19-22, 2022

2022 Annual Karl Barth Conference

The 2022 Annual Karl Barth Conference will be hosted by the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary from June 19–22, 2022. The Conference takes as its theme on this occasion “Karl Barth and Reformed Theology: Tradition, Dialogue, and Construction”. The primary aim of the Conference is to explore some of the ways in which Karl Barth as a Reformed theologian interacted with the Reformed and other traditions, along paths both expository and critical, and to reflect upon the possibility that his creative engagement might encourage and resource generative work in theology in the contemporary era. A wide range of speakers of diverse perspectives has been assembled for the event, all of whom share an interest in the work of Karl Barth and a commitment to constructive theological dialogue around substantive issues affecting church and world. The Conference will also serve as an appropriate occasion to mark the retirement of Professor Bruce L. McCormack from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2022.


Center for Barth Studies

MAY 13-14, 2022

Hope from Ashes: Legacies and Lessons from the Los Angeles Riots

Thirty years after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, African American and Asian American communities struggle to find lasting responses to the persistence of social, racial, and economic injustice in their communities.


The Betsey Stockton Center for Black Church Studies

The Center for Asian American Christianity

APRIL 28, 2022

White Supremacy and Christianity: Reckoning with the Past and Reimagining the Future

This conference seeks to assert the continuing hope in the power of theological interrogation to assist both theological discourse and the praxes of the church but also desires to engage in a reexamination of the tools of theological or praxiological inquiry into white supremacy. It may be that the persistence of white supremacy is partly a response to Christian theology’s use of intellectual or practical tools that have themselves become infected with white supremacy. Instead of resistance, theological discourse has become complicit with white supremacy. The goal of this event is to foster dialogue and constructive conversation around alternative modes of existence and theological inquiry. At the same time, we also seek to identify the ways religious leaders, faith scholars, and their respective institutions might continue to assert the enduring hope of the Christian faith to reimagine a future free of the lingering effects of white supremacy.


The Betsey Stockton Center for Black Church Studies

The Center for Barth Studies